Who Am I and Why Am I Here?


Identity is about “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

Identity is created by fathers. Identity comes from relationship not principles.

Identity is a core issue for people – who am I and why am I here? If people struggle to answer these questions then they will struggle in so many areas of life – such as personal fulfilment, value, significance, purpose, connection with others and knowing/experiencing love.

God created you and loves you. This is the love of a father who values and cares for his children.

As a Good Father He looks past our mistakes, problems and ‘stuff’, while training us and developing boundaries; because He sees the incredible potential and purpose He created in each of us. If my thinking about Him as Father is wrong or distorted it will impact on my own value and personal identity.

  •  Who I am = a son/daughter of God – who is the creator of the universe.
  •  Whose I am = God is my dad, my papa, my father.
  •  Why am I here = to see His kingdom established – through me in my circumstances and environment so that I glorify him in every part of my life.

When I look at someone who is raised as a prince or princess I see someone confident in who they are and whose they are. Confident in their inheritance who know why they are here; to be about their parent’s business.

In the same way I too should walk with a new level of confidence and identity when I realise whose I am.

This cannot come through knowledge or theory but flows from relationship. This level of identity and confidence can only flow out of time spent with my Heavenly Dad. I need to be confident that I am doing what he wants and because I know and trust Him He “has my back”. He will support me. I know Him so I can trust him.

Identity is created by fathers. Identity comes from relationship not principles.

As my identity builds through knowing God as father so I walk and live differently. It’s “look out enemy and garbage situations – I’m here – and I’m the King’s son/daughter. Things change where I am. Do you really know who you are dealing with?”

There will be new levels of power and authority and influence flowing through me. My Heavenly Dad’s got my back and not only do I know it, but I am confident He is with me and will back me.
Identity builds confidence in who I am – and why I am here.

Psalm 103:7 (ESV) He made known his ways to Moses, his acts to the people of Israel.

Moses knew God face to face – he knew His heart. He knew His ways. He knew why He did things and could encourage God to change His mind. Israel only saw what He did, but did not understand why.

As I grow in identity I can know my Dad’s heart out of friendship and relationship. I can know His ways.

A servant is told what to do without relationship but a son knows the heart of the father – even though both may be doing the same thing.

Lord help me to walk closer to you. Help me to hear your voice and to know your heartbeat so I can be more effective in who I am, and in seeing Your kingdom come.

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