We Can Trust Him

We Can Trust Him.

31st January 2016

I saw a vision and we were all in this ship, like the Endeavour type of ship. We were out in the calm ocean. I felt the breeze all around me and I smelt the salty atmosphere. People were sitting on the deck, chatting and drinking, eating… it was a busy lively family kind of feeling.

Suddenly the winds got strong and the waves got bigger. I saw some people alarmed but most were still at peace, completely trusting the Captain. I looked at the front helm. It was Jesus. He was navigating the ship. I felt this assurance that as He is the captain of the ship and so long as we are in the ship and on deck and we can trust Him, He can navigate us into the rough seas and out of it.

This vision occurred to me when I was engaging wholeheartedly in the worship songs that the team at church were leading. To me, reflecting on this, I feel that worship actually opens our eyes into the spirit, like when we are reading books and enter into that place where we are fully engaged.

-Prem Nand