There is a Hunger

There is a Hunger

March 2016

There is a hunger in my people for something more. A hunger to see me move. A hunger to see me come, rest, and abide with you. To make my home among you. A hunger to see me come and change things, to bring people close to me and to establish my dominion and Kingdom in the church and in all of the places of authority and influence in your City and beyond.

There is a hunger in my people to see their dreams and visions come to life. A desire to see their longings and hopes fulfilled.

You have two choices, you can choose to take the simpler path, the easy road – and gain immediate satisfaction. But the satisfaction of that road is temporary and short lived. It will leave you hungry and thirsty again.

Or you can choose to take the other road. The road which looks scary, full of obstacles, walls and hinderances. This road is the road to the promised land of your inheritance. It will not leave you dry. I will not leave you dry.

I am releasing new strength, new hope and new power to wait upon me, to walk with me and to not become faint or weary. Look up with new eyes, and throw aside the weight which has been holding you back and weighing you down.

I am releasing fresh patience, endurance, steadiness and persistence so that you may run the course I have set before you. Ask me for it where you do not see it. Ask me to bring you new strength, hope and power. Ask me to give you new eyes to see yourself the way I do, to see the church the way I do, to see the visions and dreams and plans for you – the way I do. Ask me to show you what weight to let go of, to give you patience, endurance and persistence.

I am making the paths firm, and plain, smooth and straight before you. I have made the way safe. There is joy along the road I have for you. There is delight, happiness, gladness and satisfaction along the road I have marked out for you.

It is my desire that you complete the course. It is my desire that you succeed and fully experience all the plans, all the dreams and all the things I have laid out before you.
I am not slow to act, I am patient – for your sake.

It is my responsibility to see those things in your heart come to pass. Take hold of what I have spoken to you and over you, bring it before me and speak life to it. Begin to pray, prophesy and declare it into being.

I will mature, perfect an finish the work that I am doing in you and around you.
Strengthen yourselves and encourage those around you to press on and move forward. Watch out for each other. Care for and encourage each other, look to me. Keep your hearts pure before me and before each other. Choose honour and love.

Come close to me, and know that I am leading and guiding you, I know the way ahead. I know the walls, the hindrances and rocks on the path better than anyone. I know how to pull those things down and make the ways before you straight and smooth.

I am worthy of your trust and your confidence. You can hope and trust in me completely. Hold close to me, rest in me and in my love. Know that I am in you, I am with you and I am for you.

Isaiah 40.31
Hebrews 12
Genesis 25.29-33

-Arna-Lise Harris