The Journey (part 1)

This morning we will embark on the journey of a lifetime – leaving a life of slavery, sojourning to the land of God’s purpose and promise, and entering that ‘promised’ land. Sounds like a piece of cake… a quick road-trip from A to B. Sadly, while many of us have left the land of slavery, we spend our life in-between slavery and promise.

The Israelites never crossed over into the ‘Land of Promise’ because they refused to trust God wholeheartedly and surrender to His purposes, and the entire generation (except Caleb and Joshua) died in the desert, between the Land of Slavery and the Land of Promise.  So is the future of the Christian who doesn’t completely surrender their lives to God. Yes, they will know God and His blessing to a point, but they will never experience all that God has for them unless they surrender their whole lives to Him.

Preached by Symon Drake on 7 April 2013.

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