The Heart of a Father

February 1st, 2015.

I would have you to know My heart – the heart of a real Father. If you do not understand My Father heart then it is difficult to relate to Me as a son, and difficult to move into all I have for you.

A Father loves his sons and daughters. It is a choice he has made and does not depend on the behaviour and attitudes of his sons and daughters. When they make a mistake and fall, then ask for forgiveness, he simply chooses to forgive immediately. The heart of a loving father makes this choice. He does not remember the failure but simply works at restoration of his son and daughter. The relationship is restored immediately. This is real love.

Shame is a tool of the enemy. He reminds you of your failure – but that is not the heart of a loving father. The enemy will suggest you need to work at forgiveness – that you need to do things to gain the Father’s forgiveness. You do not need to strive to be accepted – the Father chose before the foundation of the earth to love you no matter what.

Allow a revelation of My love to touch your heart. I am a perfect Father, one who loves each of His sons and daughters. Shame does not come from Me and I do not remember your failures, but would encourage you to look forward to victories and becoming all I intend for you.

Meditate on my goodness, not the lies the enemy would suggest. Focus on Me and allow My love to fill you – in every part.

-Gary Mawson