Storm of Jealousy

Sunday 18th September 2016 – Darlene Davis
This morning as we were worshipping I saw the following. I saw what looked like a tall, huge and vast storm of cloud approaching us. It completely filled my vision. If you’ve ever seen a massive sandstorm in the dessert it was kind of like this. I knew in my heart that this was the Spirit of God rushing toward us in power, about to engulf us yet there was no fear at His approach. As this cloud came upon us, it became a huge whirlwind and the force of it began to pick up items and materials. It picked them up and began to lift them up in the wind and carried them away.  We continued as we were, worshipping, with eyes and hearts lifted up toward our King and the wind and the storm did not touch us.  I feel that God is reminding us to remain in that place of worship.  In the place where our hearts and eyes are set and fixed upon Him. He asks and invites us to recognise and see His sovereignty. He is over all, in all and through all. He is not a small God but infinite in power and strength. He is without limit and we call Him Father. Know that He is ours and we are His. He is a very jealous God.  It is very clear to me that the storm described above was and is, His jealousy. His heart is set against the things that would deter and distract us from who He is and the
purposes He has for us. These “things” in and of themselves are not evil, but for some of us, they have filled our mind and thoughts. They have crowded our hearts and left little room for His presence, though there is some. He is jealous
for our full surrender, our complete love and devotion. As we turn and fix our gaze upon Him, He will come and remove the hindrances and bindings that have kept us small and ineffective. And as our hearts choose Him above all else, again and again, we will know and experience a freedom and life in Him which will transform our own lives and our world. Know this, the storm of His jealousy and anger is for whatever keeps us from Him, but we…. we are intended for His love. We are intended for His mercy, His grace and His goodness. So I encourage us all today to worship our King. To set our hearts upon knowing Him and His presence. To give ourselves over to being fully His. And He will deliver us…