Stand Up!

Stand Up! – Kristy Drake

24th January 2016

I see a person standing before a clear path and ahead is all that God has for them. Then they fall to their knees and curl up as the enemy surrounds and attacks them – their mind, their destiny, their worth, their abilities. He hammers again and again and again until they feel unable to do all God has called them to do – they feel totally unable, unequipped, unworthy.

The Lord is calling you to rise up! The enemy has no authority or power over you! He is like a bee that has no sting, a lion with no teeth. He has no authority and he knows it – so he plays in the realm of fear and doubt and hopelessness and regrets.

My children, stand up, stand strong, link arms with you brothers and sisters in Christ and encourage one another. Encourage each other in your differences and callings. Keep your eyes on the vision. Remember the enemy lost his power and authority at the cross.  All honour and glory and power belongs to him who sits on the throne!

There is hope, in Christ you can do all things. In your lacks the Holy Spirit will equip you, in your needs God will provided. In your failings you are washed clean.

God is calling us to stand up, gather our strength in Him, keep our eyes to what’s ahead and press on. Great things are ahead!