May 2015 – David Hollis

In Acts 7: God spoke to Abraham, while he was living in Ur of the Chaldeans, and instructed him to leave that place and to go to another place that God would show him.

Abraham, along with his father Terah and their relatives, left Ur intending to go into Canaan, but when they came to Haran, Genesis 11:31 tells us that they settled there. God has put this word “settled” on my heart. Some of us have received a word from God for a particular task, or mission or calling and have begun on that journey but somewhere along the way have settled short of the target. We have stopped, we have become distracted – something has withheld us from entire obedience to God’s call.

God appeared a second time to Abraham (Genesis 12) calling him again to leave the place where he was and to go to the place that He would show him and Abraham obeyed. Today God is calling again to some of us, who have settled somewhere along the way, who are no longer walking in obedience to His initial call and He is saying again to us: “Go! Leave behind the things that have distracted you, that have stopped you in your tracks and continue on the journey that I have shown you.”