New day, new season, breakthrough!

Powerful and specific prophetic word to Christian Renewal Church given by guest speaker Kevin Forlong during the Sunday morning service on August 18th, 2013.

As I’ve been praying into this weekend, I’ve had a great sense of the destiny of this house and the purpose of this house.

I have a sense that this church has never really become all that God has intended it. I don’t know much about the history of this church, but you’ve had your highs and your lows. Life is a bit like that – you go through cycles and seasons. I feel in the past there have been times of great anticipation and a sense that you are about to break through into a greater expression of all that God has intended you to, but you’ve plateaued out at times, and instead of breaking through and reaching into something greater that you’ve began to get a sniff of, I sense that in the past there have been seasons like that and the anticipation has built but it has kind of waned and this is a house of equipping and the releasing of ministries. It’s a house that has had an apostolic anointing on it from the beginning that has been intended to touch cities and nations, to have an influence and an expression that is way beyond your size and location and there have been times when you have touched those things and seen expressions of it, but you’ve never seen the full outworking for the intention of God – and that is not because of and I’m not suggesting for a moment that it’s because of failure on the part of people or whatever, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just simply saying that for whatever reason, there has never been the full outworking of the intention of God.

Very clearly as I came into town on Friday afternoon, and on Friday as I was waiting on the Lord for the weekend the Lord dropped a scripture into my heart that I want to prophecy to you this morning – it’s Haggai 2:9…

“The glory of this present house will be greater than the former, says the Lord, and in this place I will give peace and prosperity” (AMP)

This house, this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house. The promises and the prophecies that were given over this place in years gone by come into focus in this season – they come into expression in this season. There have been times in the past, as I said before, when there have been high times and a great sense of the presence of God, and times of a great sense of the purposes of God, but that’s the former house, and in this day this house is going beyond anything you have ever seen in the past. I’m prophesying to you now that God’s intention in this season the glory of this house, the purpose of God, the manifestation of His intention is going to go to an entirely different level and in this house, the Lord says “I will give you peace and prosperity”.

Listen, this is a safe place. It hasn’t always been a safe place but God says, in this season this will be a house of peace. Some of you have gone through frustrating experiences in the past and things that have unsettled your heart, but that’s not what’s happening here. That’s not your future, that’s your past. Just like Isaiah says, don’t even call the former things to mind. It’s like driving your car. You don’t drive the car looking in the rear vision mirror. That’s why the rear vision mirror is small and the windscreen is big! If you drive your car looking in the mirror all the time you are going to crash. It’s time to throw your mirror away, or certainly greatly reduce the size of it. It’s a new season, a new spirit, a new anointing, a new grace on the house, and you’re only just beginning to move into that. In this place I will give you peace and prosperity. Prosperity is not about money, it includes money but particularly in the Old Testament and the New Testament it is talking about success in everything, every area of life. Amen.

The Kingdom of God is within you. This is what He wants to give you, pastor Symon, an open heaven. A great manifestation of the presence of God, the angels of God ascending and descending, but this heaven on earth that God is wanting to bring into this house will not be recognised on earth by some, because of the narrow perspective of their understanding.

As the Lord was speaking to it about me this morning, I asked, “Lord, what’s it going to look like?”, and I felt the Lord remind me of something that I heard said about Hillsong years ago on a number of occasions. People would look at what was going on at Hillsong years ago (and I’m not saying that this church is a Hillsong church, I’m just trying to draw a picture of what I feel the Lord is showing me and wanting to bring to you) and people were saying that Hillsong is not really a Pentecostal church, they don’t really have a move of the spirit, but at the same time as people were saying that and making that comment (and some still make the comment), there was at that stage about 100 people every week in their two campuses in Sydney, making a commitment of their life to Christ and people are saying they don’t have a move of the Spirit? I’m saying you have rocks in your head if you can’t see God in the midst of it.

And so what I am prophesying to you this morning is that an open heaven will not come with a definition and the understanding and expectation of some that have a narrow perspective of what that means, but God is going to manifest his presence and power in this place and there will be signs and there will be wonders and there will be miracles of healing and demonstrations of his power and that is not the full orb of the manifestation that God wants to bring because God is committed to a transformation of this city, and of this region and of a move of His Spirit across this Nation that will surpass anything and everything that the Nation has ever known.

And the Lord says to you (Symon), “I have put you in a position and I give you a voice that will shake the very atmosphere. I put upon you a prophetic apostolic breakthrough anointing in this hour and there will be times as you arise and you begin to speak the word of the Lord, it’s going to shift things, it’s going to break things and it’s going to release things because I have set you apart to plant things in my Kingdom and to breathe life into them and to breath an exhilaration of my purpose in this hour and that which I prophesy over you, I prophesy over you (Kristy) because God has also given you a voice and given you a capacity that has not yet been released, not yet been recognised, but in the days ahead, you will speak not just to individuals and to groups, but your voice will go across the airwaves of this nation.

I’m telling you – and what I prophesy over your pastors, I prophesy over your church. This is a new day, it is a new season and there is a breakthrough happening right now.