Living Above

March 2015 – Gary Mawson

The picture I have is of people covered in dark mud and slime. They are bent over so that their hands are touching the ground and their heads are down. This mud and slime keeps them in a place of restriction, so the only things they can see are the circumstances around them. The mud and slime restricts vision and understanding so that they live with little hope of freedom and liberty. They have little expectation or hope that life can be any different to what they currently experience.

Yet there comes a small voice, almost a whisper, which says “come up here”. The people begin to move their heads from side to side and look around to see where the voice is coming from. But they struggle to see and it is difficult to move because of the restriction of the mud and slime which entangles them. The voice again whispers “come up here”. They realise the voice is coming from above and begin to lift their heads. As they lift their heads to the ‘light’ from the direction of the voice, it begins to ‘loosen’ the mud and slime from around their heads and faces.

They lift their eyes and look to see where the voice is coming from. They begin to hear the voice more clearly and gaze, with renewed hope, into the distance. There is a light where the voice is coming from. There is real contrast between the light where the voice is coming from and the dark mud and slime of their personal circumstances. As they gaze toward the light and focus on the voice saying “come up here” so they begin to sense a loosening of the mud and slime that is holding them down and restricting movement.

They continue to gaze toward the light, listening to the voice while enjoying the initial freedom they are sensing. They have lived in this environment that has kept them restrained and trapped for such a long time.

While looking up they begin to straighten. They sense a freedom of movement in their bodies and begin to move their arms and legs. The dark mud and slime has limits. It can only influence to a limited height and as they straighten so it gradually loses its ability to restrict and hold in bondage.

As they focus on the voice they hear again “come up here” but now the voice has greater power and volume because they are focused and listening for it. An increased desire comes to pursue the voice and the light and walk in the freedom and liberty that is being promised. While maintaining focus on the voice and the light they begin to lift their arms upward and increase the personal effort they sense needs to come to walk in greater levels of freedom and liberty.

As they begin to move they find themselves being lifted to a higher realm, moving toward the voice and the light. Their arms are still raised and their eyes are focused on the incredible light where the voice comes from.

As I look at this picture I see that gradually the dark mud and slime falls away and loses its negative influence and as these ones walk toward the light, listening to hear, they are gradually covered in a liquid substance that looks like gold. This drips off them and onto the dark circumstances below them. The circumstances are not always changed, but they are covered with this liquid gold. These ones then begin to walk in new levels of freedom and liberty, enjoying the new realms they are learning to walk in, as they walk and rise above the challenges and circumstances that in the past would have held them bound and restricted.

Yet as they walk, then leap, then run and enjoy life I see others still bound. These ones struggle to lift their eyes from the mud and slime around them. Without making effort to look up and focus on the voice they remain in the place of bondage. They don’t seem to realise that if they would lift their eyes and hands that they could walk and live in the realm of freedom they long for but have not experienced.

As these ones being to enjoy new life in the heavenly realm I realise that they are coated with the gold of heaven. They are ones who know the heavenly realm and live there. As a result they are able to bring that realm down to the earthly realm of mud and slime. Their passion is to bring freedom and liberty to those struggling in the mud and slime. They speak and encourage others allowing that heavenly realm to touch many… Miracles flow, the supernatural flows, lives are transformed, cities are shaken.