15 May 2016, Rod Harris

Like a keel in a yacht (unseen/under the water) its purpose to keep the boat upright during the storms, and to stop the winds from taking it off course. I saw a picture, a change in the design of the yacht – no more keel, now hydrofoils (to lift the boat up above the water).

This church is entering a season when things will be moving a lot faster. Movement and movement fast, a new season where no more keel is needed. You need to be able to catch the wind of the Spirit as a boat is of little value if it has no wind. A boat needs wind to get it up out of the water and learn how to fly. How to catch the wind – the skill set is different. Like God said to Joshua, you have never walked this way before.

Keep your eyes on the presence of God – answers won’t come from elsewhere. Joshua was told to keep his eyes on the ark – the presence of God, then you will catch the winds of the Spirit.

The battles are over – but the enemy is still in the land. A new season of fruitfulness ahead, no longer focussing on the battles. It’s time to start the harvest of the benefits of the land God has placed you in. Be mindful of the enemy – pride etc. He may be subdued but still there, so watch for jealousy, fear, manipulation, anxieties etc. as they are still there but subdued.

This is a season of fruitfulness. Guard against those enemies. This is a new season, a new season for you and for us and the timing is quite specific!