Celebrating Women – unassuming everyday heroes

With Mother’s Day being celebrated this weekend around New Zealand, I wanted to honour the women in my life and the Mum’s reading this article.

My Mum comes from a long line of strong and amazing women. I was fortunate enough to grow up with both of my Grandmothers and a Great Grandmother involved in my childhood, and deeply value the experiences I had with each.

One thing I’ve learned from listening to the stories of these precious women, is that these women are amazing, yet they wouldn’t say so themselves.  In fact, they’d claim that they are quite ordinary, with nothing much to boast about, but I know that this claim isn’t true.

Most of us mothers don’t think too much of ourselves – and often when we are stuck in the middle of meal times, bath times and changing nappies, life doesn’t seem that glamourous and our role that impacting.  That is what I love about many of the women in my life, not just my family but my friends and workmates; normal everyday women who don’t make any great claims, but all have lived their lives showing kindness to others, sticking at life when the going gets tough and showing love to others, whether it’s in the simple tasks of motherhood, or encouraging that struggling friend to carry on.  Each small thing they do is of great influence, whether they see the impact now or not.

Some of the women I know have often felt like failures.  Some have stories of heartache and abuse, others of rejection and shame.  Some have given most of their lives up for others, nursing and serving others with hardly a complaint, always with a nurturing heart for the rejected and lonely.  Some are known for their kind words or their warm heart and beautiful hugs.  Each is so different, and although they think they are ordinary, each is a powerful influence to those around them (in the little things they do and the big), a tower of encouragement, hope and strength to others in their homes, workplaces, and communities.

My mum has been once such women, and for someone who has faced her own share of challenges in life, with grit and determination she has taught me not to give up, no matter how tough life gets. She has taught me to keep trusting in God, keep looking after my family and always have time for a cuppa, a laugh, and sometimes a good cry. Her heart for the rejected and outcast has taught me not to just think of my own life and family, but to care for others as well.  She has taught me that ordinary, everyday women can be women of great influence.

It’s an honour to be part of these amazing women in my family and world… honest, sweet, funny, normal yet precious women.  These are the Mothers and women I have the honour to look up to and the privilege to carry on from.

To the women reading this today, I want to tell you that you are enough.  You are a powerful influence, not because of what you do but who you are. Keep being yourself, take time to laugh, keep pressing on no matter how tough life gets, and keep praying, for we are watching, learning, admiring and cheering you on.  You are a powerful influence in your family and community, even with your struggles and issues, stand strong and tall.  God has created you to live a life filled with purpose and hope.

We need you.  We value you.  Today especially, we honour you.


By Kristy Drake

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