Breakthrough Is Coming

8 September 2016 – David Peters

The Lord is giving you tools this weekend. Tools to secure breakthroughs that are coming. The Lord has blessed you in recent years. You have grown. The leadership have grown. But breakthroughs are waiting in heaven and they need to be earthed among you.

The Lord is kitting you out this weekend. Like a civilian joining an army – given his kit- uniform, boots, weapons. God is entrusting mighty weapons to you. He wants you to use them wisely and steward them well. If you do, you will see this church become a powerful instrument for kingdom transformation in this city and beyond.

At times, you have felt like you have hit a ceiling. What God imparts to you this weekend will help you smash through that ceiling. The devil has desired to contain you but breakthrough will bring breakout. You will have an investment in other nations. You will have an investment in other areas of this nation. You will be involved in church planting and also in releasing many from the restrictions the devil has placed around them to stop them fulfilling their destinies.

The season you are entering is one of greater breakthroughs.