Even though Christian Renewal Church is described as an ‘independent’ Pentecostal Church, we are definitely not independent in Spirit. We understand that networking with the Church of Whangarei and other like-spirited ministries nationally and globally is absolutely essential for counsel, wisdom, accountability and growth.

Our pastoral staff play an active role in the Whangarei Regional Minister’s Association, and as well as involvement in City-wide Christian events, meet monthly with Whangarei’s ministers for support and encouragement. The pastors of the larger Penticostal works in the city also meet regularly for prayer, support and relationship.

Christian Renewal Church’s maintains strong relationships with other NZ ministries and apostolic leaders who minister into the life of CRC regularly and who are called on from time to time for input and wisdom when needed. These ministries include Kevin and Dariel Forlong, Don and Karen Barry and David and Greta Peters.