While we don’t have a specific membership policy for people desiring to belong to Christian Renewal Church, we do encourage that those who are keen to be ‘planted in’ let staff know that they are now committed to our church family.  Those that consider CRC to be their church family are encouraged to…

Regularly attend the Sunday service and a fortnighty small-group.
We realise that we live in a time-poor culture, but we also understand the utmost importance of being involved in regular fellowship.

Get involved, being a contributor and not a spectator.
God has all given us gifts and talents and as we serve with our gifts we will be empowered. Those God has led here are encouraged to serve in a ministry where they are empowered.

Sow into God’s work.
We really appreciate people who sow financially into the ministry of the church.  Please note: All giving is always ‘free-will’ and ‘guilt-free’ and although we encourage giving, no pressure is put on anyone to do so.  It is church policy that pastoral staff do not know the amounts people give.  Donations to the church are eligible for tax credits.